About Lihann Jones

Changing the World One Step at a Time

“Lihann is very knowledgeable, very personable and well trained. She is an excellent teacher and one of my favorite people.” Peter Billett Dual Fellow & Examiner ISTD
“Hands down the best dance instructor in WNY and beyond! You will learn to dance and enjoy the process. Knowledgeable, patient, and personable. Lihann is awesome.” David
“What pops out immediately is her amazing ability to hone in on how each individual student learns. Not an easy task. Some people are more visual, some need it explained mathematically, some auditory. She is one of the few teachers who are able to pick up on that, and that’s unique!” Lynn
“Extraordinarily accomplished, utterly personable and approachable, and uncommonly gracious.” Phil
“Lihann was always patient, thorough, encouraging and fun! She tailored our lessons to our needs with expectations that we would succeed. She was on time and prepared for us and we left each lesson with a sense of accomplishment. Under her tutelage we were moving up from bronze level dancing to the silver level.” Linda
“Lihann has a gift for assessing others' abilities and challenges and can skillfully and effectively work with and through them in a way that is encouraging, not intimidating.” Susan
“Lihann was perfect for our event! She met with me on short notice and provided me and my dad the necessary pieces to have a wonderful father / daughter dance. It was so special to share this with my dad and I would definitely use her again!” Sarah C.
“Exceptional. She taught dance to my partner Mike and to me. She was patient, explained moves well, had us dancing with confidence in a short period of time. We enjoyed her humor, her excellent dance expertise and her ability to inspire us and give us confidence.” Mary C.
“We found Lihann very qualified and sensitive to the needs of a senior couple. If or when we return, we would like her to be our instructor.” Tim K.
“Lihann is the most thorough, patient and talented ballroom dance instructor I've had the opportunity to work with. I've never met or been instructed by anyone as genuine and helpful as her.” Casey W.

Lihann Jones, Founder of Ballroom RevolutionLihann Jones has spent most of her life dancing or performing in some fashion. From her parent’s nightclubs in Montana and Idaho, to acting in television shows and commercials, to the parade routes and stages of Disneyland, to the old dance halls of the West Coast where she danced with the Joint is Jumpin’ swing troupe, Lihann loves to learn, perform, and teach dance.

In 2005, Lihann relocated to Buffalo, NY and worked as a full-time dance instructor and performer for a local ballroom dance studio. She performed in various DanceSport competitions throughout the country in the Pro/Am Division, her students consistently placing high in the scholarship and multi-dance divisions.

In 2010 she received her Associate Certification in International Ballroom from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. In 2012 she also received her Associate Certification in American Ballroom from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

In 2013, Lihann helped develop Suneel’s Celebrity Gala for the Suneel’s Light Foundation; a ballroom dance competition with local celebrities and professional ballroom dancers performing to raise funds for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In 2014 Lihann continued her role as co-chair for the event and helped turn Suneel’s Celebrity Gala into the most successful fundraising event to date for the Suneel’s Light Foundation.

In 2014, in order to better share her great joy for dancing, Lihann created Ballroom Revolution, a dance studio dedicated to teaching body awareness, connection between dance partners, and how to have fun and feel confident in any dance situation.

Lihann holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in English – Creative Writing from California State University of Long Beach. She continues to develop her dance and teaching skills by attending multiple Lindy Hop conferences, Ballroom symposiums, Argentine Tango workshops, and teacher seminars a year.