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Private Dance Lessons

Private, personalized lessons are a concentrated way to learn how to look good and feel comfortable in any dance situation in as short a time as possible. You can take the lessons by yourself or bring along a friend. You can also choose to focus on a single type of dance or let me create a mix of dances that I’ve found are the most useful for social dancing. Private lessons are taught Monday-Friday from 12pm-9pm. I offer three personalized, private lesson packages:

Your Core, the Center of it All

Ever try jumping straight out of a pool without using the bottom or sides for help? It’s nearly impossible. (And all that flailing about just annoys the other people in the pool.) In social dance, in order to efficiently move yourself and your partner, you need a stable platform from which to move. That stable platform is the center of your body, your core. As you learn to move using your core, you become the stable platform for your partner as well. With core strength, you’re able to move yourself and your partner with fluidity, grace, and power.

The “Connect to Your Core” dance package is designed specifically for individuals who want to feel more balanced, stable, graceful and strong, in all of their movements on and off the dance floor.

Friends, in All the Right Places (or “How to touch someone without getting arrested”)

Dancing by yourself, or in a group with friends, can be exciting and fun. Some people let movement and music take over their body and just go with it. For most people, though, a dance floor is a minefield of awkwardness waiting to happen. One wrong move and ‘Boom!’ they feel like an idiot. “What do I do with my hands? How do I know if I’m on the beat? Worst of all, what if I look stupid?” Learning how to dance with another person, in a respectful and engaging way alleviates these problems. It creates lasting friendships and strengthens old relationships. And bonus, it’s a lot of fun!

The “Connect with Another” dance package focuses on the dance frame and how it connects two people. A good connection with a dance partner isn’t just through the arms, it’s a constant flow of energy that moves back and forth between the two dancers.

Balancing the World

Dance is a vehicle to understanding yourself and how you ultimately connect with other human beings. Lead and follow skills in social dancing are a microcosm of how we can effectively interact with each other on a daily basis: give and take, working as a team, giving clear directions, creating trust and being trustworthy. Great dancers realize that every pattern connects into a seamless fabric of movement and creativity, and every partnership is two people moving towards one goal.

The “Bring Balance to the World” dance package is where your dancing will really take off. For students who have already taken at least 10 private lessons or completed 2 full 6-week class sessions, these lessons focus on creativity, rhythm, timing and what it takes to feel utterly confident on the dance floor.

Rise Up and Dance! - A Year Long Membership to Ballroom Revolution

Join the Ballroom Revolution! Full membership at Ballroom Revolution includes a year-long package of private lessons along with discounts on workshops and dances. Ask to have an annual membership tailored for your specific needs and goals! Please talk to Lihann for more details.

Students receive a 10% discount on classes and private lessons with valid student ID.

If you're going to miss a private lesson please let me know 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule.
Otherwise the lesson will be forfeit. Thank you!

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Semi-Private Dance Lessons

Sometimes the only thing better than a private lesson, is a private lesson with good friends! Enjoy the one-on-one attention of private lessons plus the relaxed atmosphere of hanging out with people you already know. Minimum 3 couples. Each lesson is 50 minutes.

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